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All standard classrooms in the Benjamin building have been upgraded with presentation technology. This includes:

  • an integrated PC,
  • SMARTBoard,
  • independent CD/DVD and VCR playback,
  • ports for external connection (laptops or other AV), and
  • method of projection.

The integrated PC also serves as the control device for routing sources for projection.

In addition, there is a classroom technology support structure in place to assist faculty in the hands-on use of this equipment.

In the event of classroom problems or upgrades, please reference the Classroom Status page to check the status of existing problems or to report new ones. If your scheduled room unexpectedly becomes unavailable, you can make arrangements for borrowing equipment through the standard procedure.

All classrooms (and most offices) in Benjamin have wireless internet access.

To make an equipment reservation by phone, contact the technology desk.

To get your laptop configured for wireless access, you can either do it yourself, referencing DIT resources, or you can submit a ticket for desktop support if it is a University-owned resource.

For other questions regarding classroom technology, please contact the ETS Desk Manager.