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Standing Desk
ETS has a wide array of equipment available from our technology desk. While it is possible to check-out equipment without first making a reservation, there is no guarantee that the item will be available. It is recommended that you allow enough time on your reservation (usually 15 min.), both before and after class, for travel time, check-out and check-in, and basic training, if needed. There are several ways you may go about making a reservation.

The most direct method is to call or visit our technology desk (301-405-3611) during its open hours. This has the advantage of being most direct, since you can often get confirmation of availability, assuming it is not too busy. Of course, if you prefer to fill out a form yourself (e.g., for a long list of dates that you would feel uncomfortable dictating), and if you cannot make it in during our open hours, there are two other options available to you, both from this website.

If your would like to send your request from this site (you no longer need email access), simply go to our on-line reservation form, fill it out, and submit it on-line.