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EQUIPMENT LOAN - Pickup/Delivery

Checking out equipment is the second step of the equipment loan process that ETS provides. The first step is reserving the equipment.

You should bring a photo ID with you when you come to pick up equipment. While many of our students that staff the technology desk know many of our patrons, we often have new students that are told they must check ID's, no matter WHO the patron is. Please help us by remembering to bring an ID along.

If you decide to ask a student or GA to pick up the equipment for you, it helps us if you provide their name when making the reservation, or call the technology desk the day of check-out, to inform us of the change. In this way, the student can show his/her ID, and not have any problems checking out the equipment.

Please be aware that there will be a small check-out slip that the person picking up will have to fill out at the time of check-out. This is separate from the reservation form, and indicates that the reserved item was actually picked up.

Upon return, simply tell the student at the desk the name the item was under, and they will check you back in on the check-out slip.